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07 June 2011 @ 01:22 am
MASH Game: Predict your future at MASHga.me  


Once upon a time, you met Enriko Lim and got married.

You moved to Tokyo, Japan and lived in a Apartment.

You eventually have 15 kids with Enriko Lim.

You drive around in a purple Limousine.

You work as a Pastor until the age of 65, when you retire.

© 2011 MASHGa.me All Rights Reserved

i really find this game interesting.
this is the result of my second try. so funny and happy at the same time.

i have the courage to post this because i'm sure he'll not see this..or so i thought.

well..he's just my crush and the result is randomly picked so yeah..not intentional..hahaha

buttttttt..15 kids? 15 KIDS! it's too many! i wonder if i'll still be able to live with that many children..hahaha


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